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Power Distribution – Custom Solutions

The Safe Way to Get Power Where You Need It

Horizontal 6-Gang Boxes

Horizontal 6 Gang

Ideal for work-site power distribution to welders and
other portable equipment. Commonly used in shipyards
and construction sites.

Horizontal 8-Gang Boxes

Horizontal 8 Gang

Ideal for high amperage power distribution to large equipment or to secondary power distribution boxes
such as the Horizontal 6-Gang boxes shown above. Commonly used in shipyards.

Wall Boxes with Integral Circuit Protection

Wall Boxes

Provide extra protection with local fusing or circuit
breakers in an integral package or in combination
with an auxiliary bladed disconnect switch.

Dual Voltage Boxes - Non-fused

Dual Voltage Boxes

For plugging in both heavy duty equipment such as
welders or lighter duty equipment such as power tools. Commonly used in automotive industry and other large manufacturing facilities.