Lockout Tagout Capability

Most MELTRIC plugs and receptacles facilitate compliance with OSHA lockout-tagout requirements. Users can perform lock-out by simply inserting a lock through an existing hole in the device. The user only needs to provide the locking device.

lockout tagout for DB

On the DB model the lockout provision is a 5/16" hole on the locking ring that facilitates the insertion of a typical locking hasp which prevents the plug from being inserted in the receptacle.


DB padlock in OFF position
  • Locked in OFF position
DB padlocking in on position
  • Locked in ON position
DB receptacle padlocked
  • Receptacle locked with closed cover
DB inlet padlocked
  • Inlet locked
Competitive Devices are Difficult to Lockout

By comparison, in order to lockout most competitive pin and sleeve type plugs, an additional third-party 'lockout shield' or 'plug cap' is required. These devices can be expensive and are often times lost, broken, or not available when you need them.