Phase Rotation Meter Assemblies

Phase Rotation Meter Assemblies

Voltage/Phase Rotation Meters offer customers an easy means of testing MELTRIC receptacles for voltage, as well as, motor rotation. The product consists of an inlet and handle wired to the meter. Smaller devices use standard nylon handles, while larger devices are provided with PH handles and cord-grips.

Order Example

The plug with voltage rotation meter assembly should be ordered to match the receptacles to be tested.

Existing 63-64043 receptacles
Phase Rotation Meter Assembly
Matching plug with voltage phase rotation meter assembly 63-61043-MTR

Decontactor Inlet and Voltage/Phase Rotation Meter Assemblies

DSN Series

Voltage Polarity Part # 20A Part # 30A Part # 60A
120/208V 3P+N+G 63-11167-MTR 63-31167-MTR 63-61167-MTR
125V 1P+N+G 63-11075-MTR 63-31075-MTR 63-61075-MTR
125/250V 2P+N+G 63-11076-MTR 63-31076-MTR 63-61076-MTR
208V 2P+G 63-11162-MTR 63-31162-MTR 63-61162-MTR
208V 3P+G 63-11163-MTR 63-31163-MTR 63-61163-MTR
250V 2P+G 63-11072-MTR 63-31072-MTR 63-61072-MTR
250V 3P+G 63-11073-MTR 63-31073-MTR 63-61073-MTR
277V 1P+N+G 63-11045-MTR 63-31045-MTR 63-61045-MTR
277/480V 3P+N+G 63-11047-MTR 63-31047-MTR 63-61047-MTR
347/600V 3P+N+G 63-31147-MTR 63-61147-MTR
480V 2P+G 63-11042-MTR 63-31042-MTR 63-61042-MTR
480V 3P+G 63-11043-MTR 63-31043-MTR 63-61043-MTR
600V 2P+G 63-31142-MTR 63-61142-MTR
600V 3P+G 63-31143-MTR 63-61143-MTR

DS Series

Voltage Polarity Part # 20A Part # 30A Part # 60A Part #100A Part #100A Part #200A
120/208V 3P+N+G 33-11167-MTR 33-31167-MTR 33-61167-MTR 33-61237-C-K16-MTR 33-91167-MTR 33-21167-MTR
125V 1P+N+G 33-11075-MTR 33-31075-MTR 33-61075-MTR 33-61175-C-K07-MTR 33-91075-MTR 33-21075-MTR
125/250V 2P+N+G 33-11076-MTR 33-31076-MTR 33-61076-MTR 33-61176-C-K07-MTR 33-91076-MTR 33-21076-MTR
208V 2P+G 33-11162-MTR 33-31162-MTR 33-61162-MTR 33-61232-C-K16-MTR 33-91162-MTR 33-21162-MTR
208V 3P+G 33-11163-MTR 33-31163-MTR 33-61163-MTR 33-61233-C-K16-MTR 33-91163-MTR 33-21163-MTR
250V 2P+G 33-11072-MTR 33-31072-MTR 33-61072-MTR 33-61172-C-K07-MTR 33-91072-MTR 33-211072-MTR
250V 3P+G 33-11073-MTR 33-31073-MTR 33-61073-MTR 33-61173-C-K07-MTR 33-91073-MTR 33-21073-MTR
277V 1P+N+G 33-11045-MTR 33-31045-MTR 33-61045-MTR 33-61245-C-K04-MTR 33-91045-MTR 33-21045-MTR
277/480V 3P+N+G 33-11047-MTR 33-31047-MTR 33-61047-MTR 33-61247-C-K04-MTR 33-91047-MTR 33-21047-MTR
347/600V 3P+N+G 33-31147-MTR 33-61147-MTR 33-61187-C-K14-MTR 33-91147-MTR 33-21147-MTR
480V 2P+G 33-11042-MTR 33-31042-MTR 33-61042-MTR 33-61242-C-K04-MTR 33-91042-MTR 33-21042-MTR
480V 3P+G 33-11043-MTR 33-31043-MTR 33-61043-MTR 33-61243-C-K04-MTR 33-91043-MTR 33-21043-MTR
600V 2P+G 33-11142-MTR 33-31142-MTR 33-61142-MTR 33-61182-C-K14-MTR 33-91142-MTR 33-21142-MTR
600V 3P+G 33-11143-MTR 33-31143-MTR 33-61143-MTR 33-61183-C-K14-MTR 33-91143-MTR 33-21143-MTR