Safety Shutter

Eliminates Electrical Exposure Hazards

Dead Front
Receptacle safety shutters
block access to live contacts.

Voltage Positions
Different keying prevents mating of electrically incompatible plugs & receptacles.

Enclosed arc chambers, skirted plug casings, and safety shutters on receptacles together create the dead-front design of Decontactor™ devices. With the dead-front design, it is virtually impossible for users be exposed to either live parts or arcing.

Safety shutters close over the receptacle contacts before the plug can be removed. Users have no exposure to arcing, or access to live parts, at any time during or after the removal of the plug.

To remove a plug from a receptacle, the plug must be rotated 30° counter-clockwise in the OFF position. This rotation of the plug automatically closes and locks the safety shutter,creating an insulating barrier between the plug and receptacle contacts before the plug can be removed.

The safety shutter can only be opened by the insertion and rotation of an electrically compatible plug. Twenty-four different keying arrangements ensure that only electrically compatible plugs can be inserted into a receptacle.

Other Plugs & Receptacles Allow Access to Live Parts
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Twist-Type Receptacle
Twist-type with exposed contacts
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