DSN/DS Decontactor™ Series Switch Rated Plugs & Receptacles

Automatic Watertightness

Meltric Wateright Receptacles
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type 4x watertight plug and receptacle
DSN Decontactor type 4x washdown

Washdown-rated plugs and receptacles

The automatic watertight connection: Meltric Decontactors offer Type 4X watertightness as soon as the plug is latched to the receptacle or the receptacle lid is closed. They provide an enhanced degree of protection against windblown dust or rain, splashing water and hose-directed water.

Best Practices for the use of DSN/DS Decontactor Series Plugs & Receptacles

Ordering Best Practices – How to Choose the Best Lid for Washdown Environments

Choosing the appropriate lid will ensure the Decontactor operates with maximum performance in washdown environments. Meltric Decontactors are available in either a normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) lid option. Here are some guidelines to determine which lid option is best for you:

switch rated motor plug and receptacle

  • Normally Closed: The NC lid requires an operator to manually close it to obtain a complete watertight seal. It is recommended that this option should be used when an operator is less than 20 feet from the device or within easy reach. This ensures the operator can see the NC lid needs to be manually closed prior to washdown operations in order to keep the plug and receptacle dry.

  • Normally Open: If an operator is more than 20 feet from the device, as in cord drop applications, the NO lid option is recommended because at a distance it is easily seen and readily indicates that the Decontactor needs to be manually closed before washdown operations in order to keep it dry.

Installation Best Practices – How To Install A Meltric Decontactor for Washdown Environments?

Since Meltric devices are used in a wide variety of applications and environments, they possess different mounting options made capable by their modular design. But for washdown environments, Decontactors should be installed in a manner that will prevent water from entering the device during a washdown event. Here are some guidelines for installing a Meltric device for washdown environments:

switch rated motor plug and receptacle